Train at your own pace


  Sportstar Max

Dual Flight instruction     $200.00/Hr

Solo Instruction (Aircraft Rental)  $165.00/Hr


*Updated March,  2020


                   Bulk Time Special

Dual Flight instruction/Flight Training

5 Hours -   $950

10 Hours - $1900


*Note-Bulk rate is for dual training only,  Headset/equipment rental not included.

designed for the person who has their own headset.



XStream Dual 10 & 10  Air & Ground Package - $2350.00 +Hst       Savings of $279.00

  • Pilot Supply kit ($229 value!)

  • Accelerated or self-paced schedules

  • Train in the Evektor Sports Star Max

  • 10 Hours of Dual Instruction*

  • 5 Hours pre and post briefings*

  • Ground School and Exam Prep, 30 hours ($450 value!)

  • Headset, GPS and equipment rentals

XStream Pilot License Package for Beginners - $4,850 +Hst        Savings of $519.00

If you have always dreamed of being a pilot and are ready to take your first adventure into the world of aviation, this is the package for you!

*Note- We recommend that you consider this package only after establishing a mutual comfortable relationship with us and you have considered all of your flight training options (Other training schools) and have come to the conclusion that we are a good fit for you.  In order to learn properly you must feel comfortable with us.  A good relationship between you and your instructor is paramount.

  • Pilot Supply kit ($229 value!) 

  • Self-paced schedules

  • Train in the Evektor Sports Star Max

  • 5 Hours of Solo time*

  • 20 Hours of Dual Instruction*

  • 10 Hours pre and post briefings*

  • Ultralight Ground School and Exam Prep, 30 hours ($450 value!)

  • Headset, GPS and equipment rentals

  • 1 hours aircraft rental when you receive your license

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