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Pilot Trainning

Your First Step Towards Becoming a Pilot | No experience necessary 


So you’ve decided you’d like to get a Pilot License or just try out a flight to see if you like it, but what is the next step?  An Introductory Flight Lesson, of course!  The “Intro Flight” begins with  ground school, followed by a in-flight instruction.  

Your Certified Flight Instructor will begin your lesson by explaining the basics of aircraft design, the fundamentals of flight, aircraft safety, and pre-flight inspection. 

After the ground portion of your flight lesson is complete, student and instructor will board the aircraft and take to the sky.  You’re allowed to do as much of the flying as you’d like, beginning with taxiing, takeoff, cruise, maneuvers, and even landing! 

Soaring high above Wasaga Beach and Georgain bay area is a life changing experience, especially when you’re at the controls of a plane!  Don’t worry, all of our training aircraft have dual controls, which means your highly trained, experienced flight Instructor is with you every step of the way! 

An added bonus: the flight time during the Introductory Flight can be logged towards a  Pilot license!

An introductory Flight Lesson is the perfect way for you - or a loved one - to begin your journey towards becoming a pilot!


Introductory Flight Lesson 

1/2 Hour — $99.00*

1 Hour — $189.00* 








Note* Your purchase is for time spent in the air (not wasted on the ground). When budgeting your time add approximately ½ hour to your purchased flight time for your ground briefing. Please phone us at 705-999-3221 to arrange your flight time and date.  Keep in mind safety is our biggest priority.  Unsafe weather conditions (high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain) may impact your booking time, We will do our best to work within your schedule. Summer months tend to be busier. If booking online please allow 1-10 days to redeem your intro to flight *Cancellations & Postponements-Please notify us by phone or email, 24hrs prior to your booking time .

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