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What makes us Canada's #1 Ultralight / CLSA Flight School?

Coaching and Mentoring

Our students, in addition to the actual in air flight training, get a coach and a mentor to guide you in all aspects of your training.  Most flight schools will only allow you to speak with the flight instructor during your booked in air time. Our instructors are available to you via phone, text or over coffee to discuss your goals, review lessons and talk through any issues you may be having.

Expert Flight Instructors/Coach to Diversify your training 

To compliment your overall flight training we encourage our students to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our team of flight instructors.  While you will have a primary flight instructor we understand everyone learns differently and at times struggle with certain lessons. We encourage our students to take advantage of the expertise and different teaching styles of our instructors by occasionally taking specialized lessons with instructors that are not their primary. We have found this greatly improves your overall training experience.  

We value your time and your money 

All of our flight training sessions include one hour aircraft time and a (15) minute ground briefing pre-flight and a 15 minute debrief post flight. Pre-flight and post flight briefings are completely complimentary.  We do this because we know the time spent one on one discussing and reviewing your lesson is integral to your training and this is what makes training at XStream far above the rest. 

Safety and Maintenance

When you fly with us you are also flying with the company who is Ontario's only repair and service centre for the engines that power our aircraft (ROTAX). You can rest assured that all of our aircraft are meticulously maintained and only use genuine parts. You are welcome to ask any of our pilots to show you the maintenance records at any time for any aircraft in our fleet. Click here to learn more about our Rotax Service and Repair Centre. 

You become a part of the XStream Flying Club 

Graduating has its privileges with us. All of our students automatically become part of the XStream Flying Club and receive preferential treatment and perks in renting our aircraft for solo flying adventures. If your looking for a buddy to take a flight with while your newly licensed we will help match you with a flying partner to ease you into solo flying. 

Multiple Aircraft/ Multiple Locations / Multiple Instructors

We are constantly expanding! Currently we offer flight training out of Midland/Huronia, Edenvale, Bradford or at your home airport.  Keep tuning in to hear about the new locations opening soon. Eight brand new planes are on the way and we are always hiring new instructors!

Bill Dykie 1.jpg
Bill Dykie

Learn more about our President William Dykie

I started XStream Sport Aviation because I am passionate about aviation and wanted to bring this amazing sport to anyone that dreams it.  I began flying over 28 years ago when I was in my teens on tail wheel aircraft, then tricycle gear then finally onto floats. I  became a flight instructor so I can share my passion for flying with others.  I found that many of my sporting enthusiasts friends felt that flying is unattainable due to cost or intimidating because of all of the jargon and lingo. I want people to know that aviation is just as attainable as snowmobiling or golf or boating.


The safety of my students and instructors is my first priority.  I am an active member of the Transport Canada working group on AULA safety,  a Director at LAMAC and a founding member of  the Canadian Light Sport Aircraft Association. At XStream we believe that students deserve to have access to modern aircraft that are meticulously maintained. I opened Ontario's only authorized Independent Rotax  Repair and Service Centre in 2019 to ensure our fleet is professionally maintained. 


Nothing makes me happier than seeing my graduates take flying adventures together. We recently opened the XStream Flying Club to provide graduates with a forum to stay connected and enable them to rent planes even during peak times.  

The Ultralight / Light Sport category has grown so much and you will be surprised by the quality and caliber of aircraft you can fly.  When you compare what is available for training between light sport (AULA) and the GA (certified) you will find the planes are on average 15 years newer with far advanced tech. I also found that most people don’t know that if you really want a private pilot license, obtaining a light sport (AULA) rating first will allow you to obtain your ppl for a fraction of the cost.

So many big and exciting changes are coming to the XStream community in the coming months. Stay tuned! Hope you join us and become part of the XStream family. 



William Dykie

President/Flight Instructor/Personal Flight Coach 

Shane Cunningham





Shane Cunningham

Flight Instructor/Personal Flight Coach 

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