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How to get your license


XStream Sport Aviation staff will help you every step of the way as you prepare to earn your pilot license. Here is an overview of the steps to getting your pilot license for ultralight certification. (ULPP)

» Xstream Sport Aviation offers full service to obtain Pilot Permit - Ultra-light*, Passenger carrying rating** and Ultra-light         instructor rating including application for Transport Canada.

» Students have to apply for Medical Certificate Category 4

» Students can start with practicable part anytime, Ground School for PP-UL is in class and dates are posted regularly.

» There is no age limit to start with the flight training. The only limit is for solo flight -14 years of age and student obtain              their Pilot Permit at 16 years of age.

» The length of flight training depends on student’s learning abilities.


Steps necessary to get your license


Must be a minimum of 14 years old to fly solo

Must be a minimum of 16 to receive your license

Obtain a category 4 medical exam. This is a self-declaration and no aviation doctor visit is required.


Complete the ground school. This is a 30 hour course that you can complete with us at XStream. 


Click here for upcoming dates 


Under the direction and supervision of your flight instructor, complete a minimum of 10 hours of total flight time, including: a minimum of five hours dual instruction flight time and two hours solo flight time, and a minimum of 30 takeoffs and landings, including a minimum of 10 as sole occupant (Solo).  


Achieve a minimum of 90% on the written (PSTAR) exam.

Once you pass your PSTAR exam we will issue you a student pilot permit.

Before receiving a permit a student pilot may only practice dual instruction with an instructor.

With a permit, a student pilot may fly solo under the supervision of a flight instructor and for purposes of flight training only. Only domestic day flying under visual flight rules (VFR) is allowed under this permit and no passengers may be carried


*You must have your student pilot permit in order to take your first solo flight.


Once you have met all of the requirements and your instructor is convinced that you are the safest, most proficient & knowledgeable pilot that you can be, XStream will provide you with a competency letter.  The competency letter is necessary to write your final exam (ULTRA) with Transport Canada.  You must obtain a minimum of 60% on the written examination Pilot Permit - (ULTRA).  XStream will help you arrange this exam with Transport Canada.


That's it... Congratulations!  Welcome to the exclusive club of licensed aviators

**The ultra-light pilot permit allows the holder to fly an ultra-light aircraft in accordance with day VFR. A passenger may not      be carried without a passenger carrying endorsement.

**advanced ultra-light airplanes are allowed to carry one passenger, if the pilot has an ultra-light pilot permit endorsed with     passenger carrying rating.The passenger-carrying—ultra-light airplane rating applies only to the ultra-light pilot permit.         Pilots with a recreational pilot permit—airplane and higher airplane licences are allowed to carry passengers in an aircraft     that is authorized for passenger-carrying.






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